Turbogenerator-Rapidleech for Rapidgator-Uploaded-Bitshare

Turbogenerator is working rapidleech with nearly 10 premium accounts.Using this Rapidleech service, downloading any files from premium host is damn easy.I checked Rapidgator,but it was not working . Anyway you can always try again to check whether it is working.

Rapidshare.com bitshare.com crocko.com extabit.com filepost.com freakshare.com hotfile.com uploaded.to uploaded.net youtube.com rapidgator.net ryushare.com lumfile.com putlocker.com,

Premium Host Supported

Rapidshare.com, bitshare.com ,crocko.com, extabit.com, filepost.com, freakshare.com, hotfile.com, uploaded.to, youtube.com, rapidgator.net, ryushare.com, lumfile.com and  putlocker.com, 

File Size Limit : 1 GB
Auto Delete: 5 hours after transload

Click here to Access the website

How to download from Rapidleech?

1. Paste your link just below the Link to Transload of the specified website
2. Click on Transload File
3. New Pop-up page opens,Click on the picture or advertisement of that website
4. Timer button will start working of the Rapidleech
5. After waiting of 20 sec,the server would start downloading files from the filehoster to theirserver
6. After the file is completely downloaded to their server ,you can easily download to your computer via clicking the transloaded link
7. Thus you can easily download files from any filehoster for free with resume capability .

Do comment about the status of the server and any problem you face while Downloading files. Enjoy Downloading.

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  1. storage is 291.93 GB and it's alwayse been used and I can't transload files cuz of this

  2. You do realize these sites are ALL bullshit. You click, they get money for displaying ads, then you get sent to a non-functioning site.

    1. I have already removed adf.ly links.Soon Adf.ly links would be completely removed thsi blog

  3. UPDATE PLEASE 2013....

  4. @anon 05.19.2013
    you do realize how wrong you are? i mean MOST of them flood usrs with adds, thats right, but most of them work...otherwise i couldn't download around 30gb per day, for free. besides you do realize that someone got to pay for the premium accounts, right? or do you think transloading is free? only in your mind mate...
    @anon 05.20.2013
    AGREE! admin please update this site. thanks in advance.

  5. It works for depositfiles.com. Thanks..

  6. not working... the site will be closed

    1. It's working and yes the site will be closed if they don't manage to earn the required amount

  7. Hi Rahul, Since a week all rapidleech servers with premium accounts are being redirected to http://i.imgur.com/94U038y.jpg?1
    For ex: if i try to access turbogenerator.info site redirects me to http://i.imgur.com/94U038y.jpg?1
    Similar happens when i try to access other sites like speedpremium.info, comopremium.com.ar, generatupremium.biz,etc;
    plz can you tell me the reason for this?
    i'm hopeless....

    thanks in advance bookmarked this page plz reply.

    1. Hi mate, I'm from Indonesia and I'm experiencing the same problem. It seems that those sites can't be opened with IP from few particular countries. You still be able to open those sites tho, with anonymizer sites/softwares or mozilla add on anonymox (they'll give you fake IP from another.countries). But the problem is, you can't download it with download manager (bcoz it still use your real IP), so you have to download it with browser downloader

    2. Why dont you guyz try vpn for solution?
      Go through this post

      It shows that your ip-address is banned. Try using proxy, or using tor browser . It will definitely help you guyz.
      DO INFORM ME ,did it solve the problem?

    3. Yes, Proxies kinda work but need alot of retries...
      I mean when a rl server requires a user to download by clicking on add and wait for 20 seconds then the problem arises...

      Anyways, sorry for late reply and thanks for caring..
      I'm currently using few 2-3 decent cboxs to download...