Giveaway- 2 invites to Iptorrents

Iptorrents is a torrent site which has pretty much everything you can think of. For average torrenter,this is the only private torrent site you need.You can easily find latest Software,Movies, Music, ebooks, Tv-shows and many more on this website. Registration on this website costs around 20$. So grab this offer to get invitation to join Iptorrents via our giveaway

Talking about Data of Iptorrents, on the day 15 June 2013 There was:
  • Total torrents: 294746
  • movies, TV torrents: 210159
  • games torrents: 11739
  • music torrents: 24731
  • books and application: 48119
  • free leech torrents: 25940
  • biggest torrent size 1.13 TB
Tracker Features: 
premium giveaway of iptorrent account

  • Free-leech - lots of torrents are free to download
  • Bonus points - for seeding 10 torrents you are receiving bonuses
  • 10 Tops - you can check most popular torrents for categories
  • IPT tool bar - you can install browser useful tool bar
  • Requests - if you are power user you can make requests
  • TVGuide - you can search torrents by TV programs
  • XXX - you can disable viewing xxx torrents
  • Park Account - You can park your account to prevent it from being deleted because of inactivity, if you go away on holidays. When the account has been parked limits are put on the account, for example you cannot use the tracker and browse some of the pages.
I guess you guys are enjoying Free Seedbox . Now its time to get more out of it. Downloading torrents on seedbox is damn fast and you can easily upload your torrents to the private tracker automatically without hassle. Using Seedbox, we can maintain download : upload ratio easily. Usually Private torrent trackers are very serious about this ratio and they can ban your account if the ratio of upload : download is less than 0.8. So,use the above seedbox to maintain your ratio and have premium Iptorrents membership.You can also maintain ratio by uploading via your normal torrent client of desktop or by exchanging with your bonus point.

How to Participate in this Giveaway ?

To participate in this giveaway, you just need to follow the below Punchtab widget. To give yourself a fair enough chance to win this competition try to get as many entries as possible because the more entries you have, the more chances you got for winning. To validate your entry, please do comment in this post even. Don't forget to refer your friend with your referral link provided by Punchtab, it would earn you 5 entries for each person joined through your link.

Final Words:
We hope you crossed your fingers on this giveaway so now please do follow us via Google Plus widget on the footer and subscribe to our feeds.Also do sign up for free seedbox and keep referring your friend to increase your bandwidth capacity. Wait for the results till then Peace Blessings and Happy winning.

The winner of this giveaway are Brian and Ankit. Congrats !! I have sent invitation to your email address.

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  1. iptorrent is good for books and games

  2. Thank you for doing this. I've been looking for a good private tracker since Demonoid was seized.

  3. plz send ip torrent invetation

  4. please give me iptorrents invetation i request you...

  5. please ip torrent invites my id please bro

  6. hey bro.....
    plz invite me on ip torrent
    my id is

  7. I am Wajahat Ali
    I hope Anyone that will be kind send me an iptorrent ID on plzzzzz

  8. can i have one thanks in advance. Marry Christmas.