Shimory-Premium Link Generator for 55 hosts

Shimory is well known name for providing free Premium Link Generator Service.They had been facilitating users to download from major file hosts like Rapidgator, Lumfile, Uploaded, Bitshare for free since last 3 years. They have changed and re-script the shimory code from scratch to more than 10 times to find the best way to create a premium link generator free!

Shimory-Rapidgator Leech

File host Supported

File Size limit 

The max file size which we can download presently is 512 MB .This is done in order to prevent abuse and making the service stay a bit longer while still being a free service. They will enhance the limit when they get fund to do it.

Why use Shimory?

It is absolutely free! You don't have to install any software for using it. It is damn simple.You have to just paste your link in the big awesome textbox above and click generate!. Furthermore, Shimory is always trying their best to make Shimory super stable and blazingly fast! They will definitely do this after they accumulate some earning from it.

How to Use Shimory to Generate Resumable Links?

  • Put your link into the textbox above (depending on the file hosting website that they support).
  • Click the request button or you can just hit enter on your keyboard.
  • After some time, a download link will appear.
  • Click the generated link to begin download.
  • And thats it! You are done

Amazing Benefits of Shimory

  • Download at full Speed
  • Use Download Manager to Resume downloads and download at max speed
  • Unrestrict links from Premium file hosters like Rapidgator,Rapidshare, Uploaded ,Bitshare and many more for free.
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Like us on facebook to get more regular updates directly via facebook news feed.While every effort is made to make sure that ,the above host information is correct ,but cant gurantee about this service because the site status may change any time.So enjoy leeching from this premium link generator.

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  1. shimory is dead

    1. It's working Again with new powerful server!!

    2. what´s the new url?

    3. Its
      already mentioned there. Thanks

  2. it sucks!

    It gives me "UPLOADED : You have reached your total daily limit. (Fair Use)" and I haven't used it even once!!

    1. oh, i See the website is still down !! So they give errors !!
      Check this out

  3. Getting the same message as the previous comment, and this is the first time ever I went to shimory.

    1. The site is dead now. check this for more list