Download Everything from Torrents and Hosters

Download everything from Torrents AND Hosters ! is a new online cloud storage and download service that allows you to download files from Torrents and as Premium from over 100+ different file Hosters! It’s the hot new combo solution you won’t find anywhere else!

Download everything from Torrents AND Hosters with one site!

HOSTERS: Putdrive currently supports over 100+ different file hosters. Just paste the URL of the file and it will automatically download the file on your online cloud drive. Later you can download the files from your cloud drive using a download manager.

TORRENTS: You can download torrents to your cloud drive 100% anonymously by pasting the magnet URL, torrent URL or by uploading the actual torrent file. You select the “Put Files” tab and paste or upload your torrent. Once you hit “Start Putting”, it will start to download the entire content of the torrent file to your cloud drive. You can then download the files to your PC from your cloud drive by using your internet browser or download manager.

STORAGE: Additionally gives every newly registered user 100GB Cloud Storage as a bonus!

DOWNLOAD AS PREMIUM WITH PUTDRIVE, THE COMBO SOLUTION FOR BOTH TORRENTS AND HOSTERS.If you have any query regarding their service, you can surely ask us, I will be more than glad to clarify it for you. Merry Christmas !!

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