Modamavro-Vinaget Server with Free Rapidgator Leech

Modamavro is awesome vinaget server with many premium accounts supporting nearly more than 27 premium filehost. The main advantage of this leech hosting is that they have more than 1 premium accounts of of popular filehosts like Rapidgator, Netload, Uploaded, Uploadbaz, Crocko. The presence of more account is useful for downloading efficiently from the requested server.

Free Rapidgator leech via Modamavro

Premium Accounts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

Password : moda8961

How to Download Efficiently from Modamavro Server ?

  • Enter your links in the white box (one per line, max 3 links)
  • Click on Download Button
  • You will instantly get links.
  • Wait for 5 seconds before the links get decrypted.
  • Click on Skip Ad, your download will start at the moment.
  • Thus you can easily get premium link for instant download without the need of buying premium account from different filehoster individually.

 Keep in mind that
  •  Auto deletion of the file is done after 10 hour.
  •  Limited to download filesize less than 10 GB

Other Solution

Zevera (If you are fed up with all the free Rapidleech Providers and their shit ads ,you can go for Premium Service provided by Zevera . With Single account, you get access to more than 60 file hosters. Zevera is well known and perfect solution for the premium service .Just give them a try and you would never repent over it) 

Do inform about the status of the server via comments and share the experience about your download from this server.We would love to listen any problem you face while downloading from this server. Till then you can follow us via Facebook and Google Plus.

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  1. friends, the site belongs to me will be one or two weeks ssd disc vds server the problem will be corrected on the site does not open

    1. so thats site belongs to you.. thanks for this.. but urs site wont give proper direct links plz look in this matter and why it mostly says is this a sex link lol even though its not.. if suppose its sex link then so what,,are you not a man ?

    2. Hello admin,
      you can inform about the status of the server via contact form too !!

    3. @ Hello:
      thanks for your comment and query about sex links ,lol :)

    4. Hehehe "are you not a man?" :D Well, even though I would agree with you in terms of keeping most sites free of any kind of censorship, the reality is that most premium link generators and cboxes have a zero tolerance policy towards pornographic material. I guess they don't want to get in trouble in case some users decide to download something rather "questionable" using their service and it also helps to keep things more open to a general public, I would think. There's also the issue of some services this type of sites use to finance themselves (linkbucks for instance) that differentiate between "adult" links and "general" links.

      @Modamavro owner: Thank you for providing this service, man. I've actually managed to download a few times from your site in the last couple of days, but yeah, it looks like we'll have to wait a few days, like you said, because a lot of the generated links fail (the site seems to go offline every now and then).

      @Rahul: Thank you, my friend. Great work, as always.

    5. Welcome El_hankote.Keep in touch

  2. Replies
    1. Welcome and keep visiting for more updates !!

  3. awsome site.
    keep sharing premium leech.
    you are d bst.

    1. Thanks 720p movies!! Your site theme is similar to mine. enjoy and like us on facebook go get more recent updates

  4. Replies
    1. All actions like?? Pls clarify your question !!

  5. still this works ?

    1. The site link is updated !! So its working again !!