Cbox-Working Uploaded Premium Link Generator

Today, We are going to talk about how to generate Premium links from Uploaded.net and enjoy free downloads without paying penny.This tutorial will basically help every down loaders. This is the fastest method of generating premium links.Those are know as cbox leeching. But the problem is sometime they dont have mods or bots to leech in there. And they even close their cbox for a while. Anyway it's a good link generator.


1. Go to this website

2. Enter Any Name ( SEE BELOW)

Cepat,Uploaded Premium Link Generator

3. Click here to enter a password

Netload Premium Link Generator

4. Enter any password then click save and close
Uploaded Premium Link Generator
5. Copy your link ( which you want to download)
Uploaded Premium Link Generator

6. Check your link here then click BB code then copy link

Check Links Here
Transload links in bbcode

7. Paste link here
Uploaded Premium Link Generator

8. Click post
Uploaded Premium Link Generator

9. Link posted now wait for a few seconds
It will be generated very quickly
Uploaded Premium Link Generator
    10. Click here to download
Download from Uploaded

You may also get an ad just click skip
11. Download
Uploaded Premium Link Generator
( Credit : to tv-classic. Thanks for this tutorial)

Other website with same rules are

DO comment Guys ,if you face any problem while downloading from this server.

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  1. Glad to see you liked my tutorial enough to use it
    keep sharing those links

    All the best


    1. I Find new Working Cbox Leech : http://10xtreme.blogspot.in/

      I Hope It's Helping :)

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  3. http://shastagroundsloth.bandcamp.com/

  4. chk this site http://cbox.urfriend.in/

    1. Thanks illusion.I will add this site to our list